KLEIBURG wint EU Mies Award 2017!

Vrijdag 12 mei werd in Brussel bekend gemaakt dat Kleiburg de EU Mies Award 2017 is toegekend. Een geweldige erkenning voor het project en iedereen die er aan heeft bijgedragen! Kleiburg is door een internationale jury uit 355 voorgedragen projecten uit heel Europa, gerealiseerd in de afgelopen twee jaar, tot winnaar gekozen.

In het persbericht:

The Jury valued that the project is a collective effort by many people. The architectural concept was to transform the megablock into a contemporary residential building with flexibility in internal planning, and creating a new edge to the street and the landscape –and yet do as little as possible. They considered it to be ‘both heroic and ordinary at the same time’ . As the Jury Chairman said, “It challenges current solutions to the housing crisis in European cities, where too often the only ambition is to build more homes year-onyear, while the more profound question of what type of housing should be built goes unanswered. Kleiburg helps us imagine a new kind of architectural project, which responds to changing household patterns and lifestyles in the twenty-first century. A revitalization of typologies of the past is as relevant as experimenting with new, untested models in this quest, just as radically transforming existing buildings is.” The project inspires reflection on the new and complex reality of contemporary living. It proposes new forms of “affordable housing”, adding to what is universally a complex and multi-layered offer (ranging from fully subsidized rent to shared ownership and rent purchase schemes) by providing options for the large majority who have a little money but cannot afford to get on the conventional property ladder. This is low-cost habitable space (€ 1,200 per m2) – a fantastic new option that does not currently exist.

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