In a beautiful location on the edge of a monumental landscape park, Parkvilla Brederode offers eight spacious and highly personalized apartments. Divided over three floors with almost 3m floor to ceiling height, the apartments have been developed together with the buyers within a pre-developed architectural framework. Size, layout, finish and other personal wishes were determined in close collaboration with the future inhabitants. The main volume of the building, its support structure, the materialization and detailing, the layout of common spaces and the surrounding site were as an architectural starting point.

The building stands on the edge of an old sand dune, on slightly elevated terrain overlooking a parkland area between this geological relict and the nearby dunes. This parkland was part of a provincial asylum and was designed by the famous landscape designer Zocher in the nineteenth century. Parkvilla Brederode overlooks a pond, between monumental beech and linden trees, to villa Meerzicht. Together with the original main building of the asylum, Meer en Berg, Parkvilla Brederode forms a third monumental cornerstone that encloses the park landscape.

Given this incredible context, Parkvilla Brederode has been designed as a stack of floors extending into the park on which the residential program of the individual homes is organized. The materials reflect the geology of the terrain: sandy concrete for the floor edges and masonry in earth colors give the building an appropriate firmness without getting heavy.

At the Brederodelaan the building is more formal with vertically stacked windows anchoring the building in its place. The ‘sandstone’ concrete tires in the façade refer to the decorative stonework in the nearby nineteenth century villas. Around the corners, towards the park side, the building unfolds with increasingly protruding floors and more glass facades. A semi-underground garage elevates the building from the terrain, allowing the park landscape to flow around the building.

Design: XVW architectuur, Xander Vermeulen Windsant / Development Partners: Vink Bouw, OntwerpJeWoning, PUUR Makelaars/ Contractor: Vink Bouw, Nieuwkoop / Consultants: LBP (Building phisics), Pieters Bouwtechniek (constructions), Fore (installations) / Photos: Isabel Nabuurs, Stijn Poelstra