In order to make a project a success, each phase of the project requires a different focus and attitude. In stead of strictly following the usual order of design phases, we try to tackle the key aspects of the design at any moment in the process. From initial feasibility studies, careful spatial exploration and imagery to final delivery. We work with a pro-active attitude and sensitivity to the process we are in. Our flexibility, combined with a broad experience,
is at the heart of a contemporary perception of the role of the architect. Within any project we believe that the first orientating steps are crucial for the quality of the project. With limited investment, the impact of decisions in this phase on the rest of the process is very big. From these earliest decisions, further phases are a continuous process of increasing sophistication and clarity in the project.
In this XVW portfolio, the completed work of XVW has been gathered. Want to know more about the current projects? See news or contact XVW directly.