Right behind the Waaldijk in Bemmel, between the apple trees of an old orchard, we designed a light and understated studio designed for client Barbara’s Garden. Through a number of clear spatial gestures, careful choice of material and simple details, a powerful simplicity has been achieved within a “normal” main form. Inside and outside the studio, the green surroundings of the old orchard are central.

 The building has been completed within 3 months, for a very limited budget. In order not to touch the dike foot, the building was built on the ground level without a traditional foundation. In order to make the building light and quickly buildable, timber framing has been chosen, with the construction on the inside unfinished. The facade is covered with burned douglas shelves supplied by ZwartHout. In addition to its aesthetic quality, this original Japanese technique is also a reference to two recent, painful moments in the life of the client: they were hit by a fire in their home two times in a row.

Photographs by Stijn Poelstra.