About XVW architectuur

XVW architecture is the office for architecture that Xander Vermeulen Windsant founded in 2010. Then, in the midst of the crisis, I did so with the strong conviction that the architect’s knowledge and expertise is of lasting value, precisely in the rapidly changing world of that moment. But this does ask for a new attitude. Since then we have been working on a challenging and exciting portfolio of projects.

We work with an open mind from the program, from the place, from the people we work with, from the technical and social preconditions. In each project we are curious how we can shape a meaningful, renewed part of our environment from these aspects. The architecture that takes shape in that process is a connection between all the influences that work on the project. Each project is therefor different, but linked by our own signature that is visible in all projects.

Xander Vermeulen Windsant: “I do not know better than being an architect. I love the craftsmanship of my work. In the first instance, in sketches and maquettes, when we investigate what the core of a project can be. Later on, when we carefully work out a project in the 3D BIM environment in which we work. And finally with the builder at the construction site. The design is only ‘finished’ when the project has been built: then the building has become an architecture. ‘

Each project contributes to a further deepening of the way XVW architecture works. Apart from the projects, various blogs and articles have been collected on the blog, all written by Xander Vermeulen Windsant (in Dutch).

Personal contact

Building is a man-made process. This is why XVW architectuur attaches great value to personal contact. Xander will be happy to discuss your requirements with you in person and can be reached at, at +31 73 202 00 36 or on Twitter at @XVWarchitectuur