As part of the urban plan for ‘Het Buurtje’ (The Neighborhood), part of the urban development area Kop van West in the city of Purmerend, we designed a housing project for a prominent corner site. Designed in collaboration with Vink Bouw and OntwerpJeWoning, the design merges the project seamlessly into the small scale urban fabric of the the neighborhood. 

The development of The Neighborhood is supervised by Dana Ponec. The ambition of the urban plan is to realize an area built up by individual projects, plot by plot. The architecture has to use ‘classic’ architectural means to arrive at a urban image that relates to the historic city center at the other side of the Noord Hollands Canal.

CORNER HOUSE consists of 30 studio apartments, adding a different type of housing than the predominantly single family houses that dominate The Neighborhood. By having the volume of the block rise towards the corner, the prominent corner position of the block is accentuated in a self evident way. By varying the facade bay by by, and therefor studio by studio, the facade offers a similar scale of variation that can be found in the neighboring buildings.

A formal facade on the street side is combined with a green, informal back side of the block towards the parking- and play street: a combination of atmospheres as can be found in the  English mews.