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The successful completion of every project depends on your ability to take on a new focus and attitude at every new stage of the process. It is essential to adapt your approach to those aspects that are, at that particular point in time, the key criteria for determining for the quality of the built environment to be realised. Starting with the first feasibility studies, a careful exploration of the available space and an initial design all the way up to the completion of the finished building, XVW will take on the alternating roles of adviser, architect, project leader and, in some cases, co-developer. Flexibility, combined with extensive experience, stands at the centre of a contemporary definition of the role of the architect.

Within this broad pallet of work the first orientational steps are a very important and, to a great extent, even determining factor to the success of a project. When only a limited investment is made, the impact of the decisions at this stage of the project will be even greater. It is precisely at this stage that XVW can already contribute substantial added value. The following stages will focus on further defining and refining the quality of the project. If you would like to discuss your initial ideas, please feel free to call XVW or send him an email, entirely free of obligation. This portfolio contains the completed work of XVW. Would you like to know more about our work in progress? See ‘News’ or contact XVW directly 00-31-620031747.