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XVW architectuur was founded by Xander Vermeulen Windsant in 2010. Our customers are private individuals and professional developers. Most of the construction projects we work on from our office in ‘s-Hertogenbosch are residences located in the Netherlands, although we also work for foreign institutional and other clients and act as a spatial planning consultant for municipal and other government institutions.

“A key element in my approach is the concept of ‘residence’, in the sense of staying in a particular place, ‘to reside’. Living, working, recreation or travel: I work in close consultation with my customers to come to a design that exudes a powerful connection between the spatial environment and its purpose, for which purpose the building and its architecture take on a secondary and sustainable role. This requires a broad and open-minded attitude. I approach every project with an entrepreneurial, proactive attitude, a sense of commitment and a dedication to quality.”

XVW architectuur van Xander Vermeulen Windsant: “As a child I had already decided that I wanted to be an architect. My education and work experiences have enabled me to develop the professional craftsmanship that, alongside the genuine passion I cherish for my profession, are the pillars on which my work is founded. Taking this foundation as a point of departure, I enjoy working as the member of a team to give shape to a project collectively. I feel at my best when taking on the role of a project leader and bundling all the available energy into the best possible result.”

Every project XVW architectuur takes on adds another dimension to the firm’s working method. In addition to the projects, my blog also features various texts and articles on the architecture as a profession in the broadest sense of the word.

Personal contact

Building is a man-made process. This is why XVW architectuur attaches great value to personal contact. Xander will be happy to discuss your requirements with you in person and can be reached at, on or through twitter at @xanderXVW.